Welcome to Wave Mage !!! Wave Mage is currently in active development and will be updated  with additional content and fixes as they become available. 

Wave Mage is a Top-Down shooter, wave based game ( For Now...Soon to be much more.... ). It will be expanded with a proper story and an open world  for more exploration and discovery. Please give it a try and let me know what you liked and what you didn't! All feedback is appreciated and greatly valued. I look forward to expanding on this game and I hope that some of you enjoy it as much as I am enjoying making it ! I will update all builds as new content is added.

WASD or Arrow Keys                      - Move

Left Mouse Click                                 - Fire Magic Projectile

1-6 or Mouse Scroll Wheel           - Switch Weapons


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Loved the game and the artwork! Had a blast playing and looking forward to see more games from this developer!

Enjoying the game. Controls were easy to figure out.  Keep it up. :D